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Character Revealed – Obama Beyond Defiant

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On Wednesday I wrote of Obama’s defiant conduct of regulatory affairs in the closing days of his administration and the answers that Christmas brings to such defiance.  But yesterday in the UN Obama raised the defiance bar so high that further comment is needed.  In case you are tuned into the holidays, which I certainly intended to be, yesterday Obama permitted, by failing to cast the traditional American veto, the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israel’s conduct in territories it gained in the 1967 war.  It is impossible to find an actual news report on the happenings – everything is filled with spin – so I will just link to the text of the resolution itself.

Just to supply some context to the discussion, Jonah Goldberg summed up the meaning of this action is this way:

It is now the official position of the United States of America that the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians.

Obama has stepped on the “1967 lines” landmine before.  Remember his 2011 comments, later clarified.  Suspicion’s about Obama’s anti-Israel leanings have been around almost since he took office.  But throughout his occupancy of the White House he has faked and spin-moved his way through events to avoid actually being nailed as Anti-Israel.  But no more.  Says Eliot Abrams of yesterday’s failure-to-veto:

For all eight years of the Obama administration, Democrats have made believe that Barack Obama is a firm and enthusiastic supporter and defender of the Jewish state. Arguments to the contrary were not only dismissed but angrily denounced as the products of nothing more than vicious partisanship. Obama’s defenders repeatedly used the trope that “Israel should not be a partisan issue,” as if Obama’s views and actions were beyond reproach. A whole corps of Jewish leaders, some at the major organizations and many from Chicago, showed far greater loyalty to Obama than to the tradition of true nonpartisanship when it came to Middle East policy.

All of those arguments have been ground into dust by Obama’s action Friday allowing a nasty and harmful anti-Israel resolution to pass the United Nations Security Council.

Goldberg concluded:

It really is remarkable. Obama came into office convinced that the Israeli-Palestinian issue was the key to Middle East peace. Never mind that on his watch the Middle East has become an abattoir over issues that have little to nothing to do with Israel or the Palestinians, possibly his last overture to the region before he heads out the door is to screw Israel for no other discernable reason than that he can finally get away with it.

Goldberg’s comments made me think of Obama’s utterance to then Russian president Medvedev in 2012:

President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

Put this altogether in a package and it becomes abundantly clear that Obama is not merely defiant; he holds any American that disagrees with him not as political opponent but as enemy and he is willing to engage in deception to achieve his desired political end.  The deception is obvious.  This is not “evolution” as he claimed when it comes to his stance on same sex marriage.  Given the number of times he has tried to approach this failure-to-veto line only to step back when pressure mounted, and then to pull the trigger when the pressure no longer matters, clearly indicates that he has misled the American people about his stance on Israel all along. Such deception is a tactic for war, but not reasoned debate.

That America has been ill-served by the Obama presidency is almost beyond refute.  What good he may have accomplished is grossly overshadowed by the means by which he achieved it.  America cannot afford a president that holds a significant portion of its population so contemptuously.  Nor can we long survive governance by deception.

This is what we are really losing as America becomes a “post-Christian” nation.  Social issues are like the sores you get with chicken pox, symptoms but not the disease.  The disease is the loss of character traits like forthrightness and grace for an opponent.  Our hopes for reclaiming these character traits lie in the message of Christmas.  Never has the message of this holiday seemed more urgent and the celebration less important.  When you gather with kith and kin tomorrow to celebrate please take a moment to reflect, and hopefully pray, that the nation can find its solid character footing again.   So much is at stake.


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