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Change Your Teenager’s Life

Sunday, January 5, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

In truth, every day you interact with your teenager changes his or her life: That is one of the fundamental messages in the chapter on parents and children in The Happiest Life.

But if you’d like to help form their political worldview, apply to enroll them in the Young Conservatives Leadership Conference which will be hosted by the Centennial Insititute of Colorado Christian University and which I will be leading for the week of July 13 to 20 at the CCU campus in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. I will teach every day, using In, But Not Of, The Happiest Life and Churchill’s History of the English Speaking Peoples (a one-volume abridgment) as the three core texts, and I’ll be joined at the front of the classroom by members of CCU’s great faculty and by speakers arriving for the annual Western States Conservative Summit, which will be held on July 18-20 this year.  (The picture above is of the beautiful CCU campus where we will be housing the high school students.)

My Monday Washington Examiner column charts the importance of 2014’s Senate races, but young people have 30 to 40 two year political cycles ahead of them.  The right conference at the right time will help position them for a lifetime of political debates to follow, as well as for how to conduct them both effectively and without harm to their souls.  (They will also have a great deal of fun and come home thanking you for the week, as well as prepared to tackle the dreaded college application essay, to which I will be devoting one entire lecture.)

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