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CBS Document Experts and NYT 4rth Amendment Experts

Tuesday, December 20, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Micelle Malkin, after listing a long set of links to the great number of people who have argued that the president has the authority to order surveillance of foreign powers in communication with American citizens:

Now, go back and look carefully through the Times article. The reporters who have been so assiduously working on the story for at least a year couldn’t find a single, non-anonymous expert in national security and the law to come up with the kind of informed analysis that took legal and counterterrorism bloggers three days to research and post.

How pathetic is that?

There are those who take a different, thopugh I think wrong, view, and the paper’s job is to present both sets of views. (In my first of five posts onthe subject, I pointed readers to a blog that was insisting on the program’s illegality.) The refusal to do so in a comprehensive fashion is the core disability in most of left-wing MSM, the reason why the collective reputation of the old, elite media has cratered, why subscription rates fall and fall again, and why advertisers are increasingly turning to new media to find the huge nad growing audience that simply won’t touch the usual suspects.

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