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Carly for California

Friday, October 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Carly Fiorina will be on the program today.

Fiorina has run a magnificent campaign in the Golden State and Barbara Boxer’s increasingly shrill and desperate campaign reflects that. But 28 years of Boxer’s strident, angry and ever-ungracious arrogance –“Please don’t call me ma’am”– has contrasted so poorly with Fiorina’s disciplined, tough and principled appeals to California voters to send a senator to D.C. who can actually get something done for the state and the country to encourage economic growth and the return of California greatness.

President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are pulling out all the stops for their most reliable hard-left ally in the Senate, and every extremist environmentalist is rallying to save their spokeswoman on the Hill. Which means is you have anything left to give, send it to Carly this weekend via

Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman present a clear choice for the Golden State, a huge turn back to economic growth based on private sector innovation. Boxer and Brown are just more of exactly what has mired the state and now the country in deep economic malaise. Rarely has a state had so clear a choice with so obvious a set of consequences.

When Boxer gets desperate, she unleashes Bob Mulholland, one of the most malevolent forces in American politics. As soon as the president leaves the state the campaign will go into Bob season. Watch that space. But in the meantime, dig deep for Carly.


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