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Carly Fiorina On Thursday’s Debate

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Carly Fiorina joined me at the start of hour two today:




HH: Joined now by Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, candidate for president, and friend of the program. How are you, Carly?

CF: I’m doing well, Hugh. How are you?

HH: Great. How did you enjoy the Kochtopus gathering in Southern California this weekend?

CF: Well, I’ve never heard that. That’s interesting. Well you know, the people who go to the Koch Brothers conference as well as the Koch Brothers, they are highly-educated, patriotic people of accomplishment who care greatly about the future of their nation. And so it was a great honor to address them.

HH: Did you hear what I’ve heard a lot of? A lot of people are upset with Fox that you are not on the stage Thursday night for the second debate, though you will be Thursday afternoon for the first debate.

CF: Well you know, I think a lot of people are disappointed in the process that got us here. I think national polls, generally speaking, are measuring national name ID, and mine is the lowest of any candidate running. I think as well, there is no such thing as a national primary. So for example, I am delighted to be here in New Hampshire today, the first in the nation primary state, where all of the candidates have been invited, because we don’t have national primaries. We have state primaries.

HH: Well, I’d like to right now book you, Carly Fiorina, for the moment after the second debate ends. I’ll be going live with a national radio special, so if you want to call in and critique the second debate with me, I’ll hold that open slot for you.

CF: Okay, well, I appreciate that offer, and I’ll let you know.

HH: You tell Sarah, 11:06, I’d love to talk to you on Monday night. Let’s talk about a couple of the major issues out there. First of all, the biggest issue in the world is actually the Iran deal. Senators Cotton and Congressman Pompeo have revealed there are secret annexes now. Chuck Schumer remains in hiding. What ought to happen at this point?

CF: Well, I hope very much that the Congress will reject this deal. But as I’ve said to you and your listeners before, Hugh, whether they reject it or not, I hope they will. It’s a strong signal to this president. The money is flowing. The money is already flowing to Iran. And so on day one in the Oval Office, I will make two phone calls – the first to Bibi Netanyahu to reassure him we will stand with the state of Israel, the second to the Supreme Leader of Iran. He might not take my phone call, but he would get the message. The message is new deal. Until and unless you open up every military and every nuclear facility to real anytime, anywhere inspections, we will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global financial system. Those two phone calls, critical in and of themselves, also send a message to every ally and every adversary we have in the world. The United States of America is back in the leadership business.

HH: And in the meantime, though, is there anything that can be done by the Republican Congress about this issue other than to complain?

CF: Well, complain, vote against the deal, make sure the American people are aware. But honestly, think about this. Think about the reality of an administration, a president, Hillary Clinton, a presidential candidate, silently, as well as every other Democrat presidential candidate or would-be candidate out there, no one is saying a word about the fact that we have secret deals between the Iranian regime and the IAEA. And God bless a couple of Republicans who said wait a second, what’s in these deals. It’s stunning. The Congress needs to reject this deal, but we need to be realistic. Even if they do, and I hope they do, the money is flowing. China and Russia, the U.N., the European Union, they don’t care what Congress does. The American people will watch very carefully what Congress does, but the rest of the world has moved on. And that’s why this deal is such an abomination for this administration, and for any Democrat candidate who says they support it.

HH: Carly Fiorina, you just mentioned Hillary Clinton. I wanted to you ask you now about her. More comes out. The thumb drive that has the classified information, and more will continue to come out. At this point, 18USC Section 1924 is what David Petraeus had to plead guilty to violating. He was sentenced to two years’ probation, a hundred thousand dollar fine. It’s what Mr. Deutch had to leave the Agency for violating. It is obvious to me that Hillary Clinton has violated this. Do you expect any criminal investigation to occur of the former Secretary of State?

CF: Well, I have no idea. I certainly hope so, but let us acknowledge that the Department of Justice has been politicized under this administration. And ultimately, it is up to the Department of Justice. So I wish I had great faith in the Department of Justice, but history would tell us, recently history, that is, that perhaps that faith is not well-placed.

HH: What percent of probability do you put it at that she has violated 18USC 1924?

CF: Oh, I think it’s exceptionally high. I think there’s no doubt. You can’t have a server in your basement and be trafficking in classified information on your personal device without having violated that section, I don’t think, and it’s pretty clear she did move classified information around.

HH: And kept it after she left, which is the second violation. I mean, it’s actually kind of staggering that there isn’t a special prosecutor already appointed for her, but I, like you, am skeptical. Now let me ask you about the Planned Parenthood videos. Have you watched them, Carly Fiorina?

CF: I have, and it’s almost unbearable to watch.

HH: Yup.

CF: It’s almost unbearable. And as I have said many, many times, this is not about whether you think you’re pro-choice or pro-life. This is about the moral foundation of this nation. It is an abomination. Truly, it is depraved, and I hope very much that Congress will vote to defund Planned Parenthood now, but I hope as well that every Democrat running for president, for Senate, for Congress or for dog catcher is asked to explain why they are not condemning this practice, these videos, and voting against the funding of Planned Parenthood.

HH: Now Carly, it will come down to shutting the government down, again, on this issue. And that’s where we’re headed. We’re headed there in September, September the 30th. The government will run out of money. The Republicans will refuse to fund Planned Parenthood. The President and the, well, the Democrats in the Senate will refuse to pass an appropriation bill. Should the Republicans blink at that moment? I want to get people ready for this right now. The Democrats will never give up on the abortion industry. You and I both know that. So should the Republicans be preparing now, and educating the American people that they will do what it takes to end what is in essence support for infanticide?

CF: Well, I certainly hope that the Democrats in Congress and in the Senate will be asked the question over and over and over again. I will certainly continue to ask the question of Hillary Clinton and anyone else. So will you. I hope every Republican does. I hope every media outlet does. Explain to me, explain, more importantly, to the American people how you can continue to support a policy that it isn’t a life until it leaves the hospital, and how can you continue to support taxpayer funding for this organization. We have to hammer away at that. Ask them the question.

HH: Now, you know, though, Carly Fiorina, I’ve probably interviewed you 30 times. You’re one of the best interviews out there. I tell people that’s because you did quarterly conference calls on earnings for so long. But that’s the first time I didn’t get a direct answer from you. Maybe because it’s a very difficult question, so I’m going to try it again. If it comes down to closing the government down or funding Planned Parenthood, what should the Republicans in the Congress do?

CF: I apologize for not answering your question. They should close the government down.

HH: A-ha.

CF: My point is this, however. We have a long way to go. And between now and then, beginning with this vote today, every single Republican out there, as well as I hope every media outlet, needs to ask the question that I have been asking for weeks. How does any Democrat justify their position? How does any Democrat justify the continued taxpayer funding of this organization? And if you really think it’s necessary, then why don’t you support taxpayer funding for pregnancy centers right next door to every single Planned Parenthood facility across this nation so that women really understand what their choices and their options are? We have to hammer the Democrats on this, because honestly, their position, which most Americans do not understand, that’s the shame of it. Most Americans don’t understand that the Democrats’ position is it’s not a life until it leaves the hospital. Most Americans don’t agree with that position. We have to educate the American people about how extreme Democrats are.

HH: Now Planned Parenthood’s defense is that the videos have been edited. What do you think about that?

CF: Yeah, yeah, well, I didn’t hear anybody getting upset at an edited video about Mitt Romney at a fundraiser. Look, whether they’re edited or not, and by the way, the people who have made these videos have also put the unedited videos out there for everybody to see, so if you want to watch the whole thing, you can. This is not about editing. This is about a horrific process of infanticide to harvest body parts. It is abominable.

HH: Do you think the DOJ ought to, we’ve been talking a lot about the Department of Justice, last question, there ought to be a special prosecutor looking into this as well, about some of the attorneys general in the states are going after Planned Parenthood, but it does appear that they have violated numerous laws.

CF: Of course, there should be, and my guess is there will not be, because the Department of Justice is, as we’ve talked about before, politicized. But I applaud the attorneys general across the country who are conducting their own investigation. It has to be done.

HH:, America. Carly Fiorina, I’m counting on you 11:06 on Thursday night. I hope we talk to you East Coast Time. Don’t go anywhere, America.

End of interview.


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