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Carly Fiorina On The Extension Of The Nuke Talks With Iran, And The Senate Filibuster v. Obamacare Repeal Debate

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Carly Fiorina joined me in hour two of today’s program:




HH: I am so pleased to welcome back now, who has become a regular weekly guest and I am glad about it, Carly Fiorina, the voice of the new voter. Carly Fiorina, of course, welcome, it’s always good to talk to you, Carly.

CF: Well, great to be back with you, Hugh. How are you doing?

HH: I’m great. I want to tell everyone who was misinformed when I gave a speech at the Western Conservative Summit and omitted Carly, and then had to come back up, that was all planned so that I would just draw additional attention to her. And then I saw her, she was very gracious. Thank you for your forgiveness, but that list gets so long, but you had quite the breakout weekend in Denver. Is that happening wherever you go?

CF: Well, we’re very encouraged. I have to say I’m very encouraged, but Hugh, you know, I’m not going to let you get away that easy. I mean, in your book, months ago, you said Hillary Clinton should just ignore me. You owe me, man, you just owe me. That’s just the way it is.

HH: Every week that Carly Fiorina wants to come on. Okay, now let me get to the issue of the week. I have asked Ted Cruz yesterday, Rick Perry today, Jeb Bush last week, Scott Walker on the stage in Colorado. If it came down to using the Reid Rule to break the Senate filibuster tradition in order to repeal Obamacare root and branch, would Carly Fiorina urge Mitch McConnell to break the filibuster rule in order to get rid of Obamacare?

CF: I would. And in this case, while I would be very reluctant to do so, the truth is that’s how this thing was passed in the first place. So you know, it was passed on reconciliation. That, too, went around normal Senate rules. And Obamacare is a tangled web that is becoming worse, clearly, day by day. This isn’t an ideological thing, although obviously from an ideological perspective, having government this entwined in society is terrible. But it’s obviously failing all Americans, whether they were for it or not – emergency room visit up over 50%, insurance premiums up 35% that we know of, people being thrown into Medicaid where Medicaid is underfunded and doctors are leaving Medicaid in droves. This plan is failing the American people whether they were for it originally or not.

HH: And so to be clear, if the filibuster has to go in order to make sure that Obamacare is gone, Carly’s in favor of breaking the filibuster.

CF: I am, unfortunately, because I tend to want to stand by principle. But Obamacare was passed with less than 60 votes in the Senate, in a reconciliation process which was not right, either, and we need to get rid of this thing.

HH: Now Senator Cruz defended the filibuster at great length yesterday, and I don’t want to beat this down, but I do believe this will be a point of division for Iowa voters, New Hampshire voters and South Carolina voters. And therefore, I’m going to explore it with every candidate. What is the key differentiating issue right now, Carly Fiorina, among all these wonderful conservatives, many of whom I saw this past weekend?

CF: Well, I think that’s going to play out over time. We have a lot of candidates, and this is a long process. But I think running for president is certainly about issues. It’s also about experience. It’s also about temperament. It’s also about judgment. It’s also about wisdom. It’s about all those things. And so while we Republicans of course like to argue about and talk about policies, and the Republican Party is far more diverse in its policy prescriptions than certainly the Democrat Party is now. I think voters are looking at the whole package, or they should be when they judge someone’s presidential material, not just policy.

HH: Now let’s turn to the breaking news story. Three minutes ago, the Wall Street Journal updated the story that President Obama said he is prepared to walk away from the nuclear deal with Iran unless regime negotiators come to an agreement concerning tight monitoring. That is no longer anytime, anywhere. I pay attention to this very closely. They extended the talks for a week until July 7th. Carly Fiorina, when you say you’re prepared to walk away, well, you’re a negotiator better than, really, you’ve probably done more deals than anyone in this field except, perhaps, Mr. Trump. What’s that signaling to the Iranians when you say I’m going to walk away but you don’t?

CF: Well, I think I’ve probably done more deals than anyone. I think that’s true. And unless you walk away, no one believes you’re ever going to walk away. And this administration has never walked away. This administration has routinely extended deadlines. This administration has routinely moved our own goalposts. This administration isn’t going to walk away, and the Iranians know it. And you recall, Hugh, that I’ve said many times on your show that when you go into the Rose Garden and declare victory before you even have a deal, such as this President did, the Iranians get the message. And they spend the next several months negotiating a better deal for themselves, which is precisely what they have done, which is why I say over and over again, on my first day in the Oval Office, I don’t care what deal President Obama has made. The new deal will be this. Until the Iranian regime open itself up to full and unfettered anytime, anywhere inspections of its nuclear facilities and its uranium enrichment facilities, we, the United States of America, will make their movement, money and global financial system, as difficult as possible. We can do that without asking anyone else’s permission or collaboration. I am quite sure that President Obama is not going to walk away from the table.

HH: This change in terms, he says he now demands tight monitoring as opposed to anytime, anywhere. I see that as a step down that is obviously telegraphing our collapse before July 7th. Do you agree with that assessment, Carly?

CF: Of course. Absolutely. Absolutely, which is why I said he’s not going to walk away. Tight monitoring is not the same as anytime, anywhere. We’ve gone now from snapback sanctions. No, the Iranian regime said no, no, no, the sanctions have to be removed before we’re going to open anything up for inspections or monitoring, whatever they’re saying now. Of course, he’s changing the goalposts. He continues to, and he will right up until the end, which is why we know that this is going to be a very bad deal.

HH: Let me turn, then, to something I talked about with Governor Perry last hour. It has come to light this week that Mrs. Clinton and President Obama on the night of the Benghazi attack and murders were exchanging emails which have not been turned over to the Oversight Committee, and which have in fact been redacted. Is there a cover up underway that Mrs. Clinton is a part of?

CF: Well, it certainly looks that way, doesn’t it?

HH: Yes.

CF: I mean, it certainly appears that Mrs. Clinton and President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama knew immediately that these were terrorist attacks, that they had been preplanned, that this was not a casual demonstration. And yet, both of them, including Mrs. Clinton, stood over coffins and told the American people for many weeks following that, that this was a demonstration that we couldn’t have predicted this. And later, of course, Mrs. Clinton said to a Congressional hearing, what possible difference could it make why or how these Americans were murdered. It’s stunning, and yet we also know, Hugh, I will remind you and all of your listeners we really thought in 2012 that Benghazi was going to be Obama’s great Achilles’ heel in the 2012 election. It turned out not to be the case. And it wasn’t the case, because unfortunately, our nominee, a good man, he would have made a fine president, but our nominee wouldn’t drive the point home, which is why no matter how bad Benghazi looks now, we’d better have a nominee next summer who will drive this point home over and over and over in the debates, because otherwise, I fear Mrs. Clinton will get away with Benghazi just as President Obama did.

HH: Now last question, also breaking at this hour, the United States is going to open an embassy in Havana tomorrow without Congressional authorization or funding. If that Congressional authorization and funding does not follow, Carly Fiorina, will you close that embassy, which is, in my opinion, being opened contrary to law?

CF: Absolutely, I will close it. And the truth is that this is such an example of President Obama’s flagrant disregard for the democratic process. He did not even recall, he did not even discuss this with his own party before he did it, before he said we’re normalizing relations with Cuba, much less discuss it with the American people, much less discuss it with Congress as a whole. He just apparently woke up one morning and said I’m going to do this.

HH: And so do you worry at all that the American people will be shocked by first day actions on the order that you’re talking about, overturning the Iran deal, closing the Havana embassy, or is that what they want?

CF: Well, I think I will continue to speak to the American people about all of these things throughout this long primary process, and if I am the nominee, through the general election process. So I don’t think it will be a shock. Quite the contrary, I think there will be a mandate. I think that the problem is that when a president of the United States behaves in this kind of fashion, with really flagrant disregard for precedent, for history, for due process, for Congress, for the American people, it just adds to the cynicism. 82% of Americans now think there’s a professional political class of both parties. President Obama has made people more cynical.

HH: Carly Fiorina, it is always good to talk to you., America.

End of interview.


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