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Carly Fiorina After The CNN-Salem GOP Debate In Vegas

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The audio:


The transcript:

HH: She joins me, former Chairman of the Hewlett-Packard corporation, Carly, I texted Sarah, your coms director today that now I know how Caesar felt on the way to the Forum after running into you at the Green Room last night.

CF: Well, maybe that’s because I was right and you were wrong.

HH: Well, I have nothing to do with the timing. I just sort of got caught up in the melee. But you were, I went back and checked the time, and you were seven minutes shorter than Ted Cruz. That is kind of a big disparity. In those seven minutes, what would you have told America, the larger audience, but still a good audience here on the Hugh Hewitt Show that you didn’t get a chance to tell them?

CF: Well you know, one of the things that there was kind of an argument about was immigration. And Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were going back and forth about what each of them thought about immigration and the various laws and amendments that they had put forward. This is why people are tired of the political class. How long have we been talking about immigration? How long have we been talking about securing our border? How long has San Francisco been a sanctuary city? Since 1989. We now have 300 of them. Talk is cheap. What the American people want now is a leader who’s going to produce results. And that is why I have rolled out a blueprint to take our country back, six things that I will get accomplished early on in my first term. And I want the American people to hold me accountable for it, because I’ve been held accountable all my life. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words in every part of life other than politics. And so instead of arguing about these things, as I said to you in response to your very first question, what do you want this party to stand for, what I want this party to stand for, what I will produce, are solutions, conservative solutions.

HH: Gail Collins picked up on that in her New York Times article today, that there wasn’t much Reagan city on the hill, and that’s the question I tossed at you. Why was there so little optimism in that debate, Carly Fiorina?

CF: Well, first, Hugh, these are serious times. These are serious times, and we have serious challenges and issues. I think what I put forward in that debate, what I put forward when I’m on your show, what I put forward every time I talk to the American people are actual solutions that will work, actual solutions that will work. So there are real technological solutions to the fact that the terrorists are way ahead of our Department of Homeland Security. There are real foreign policy solutions to the fact that the terrorists are not contained, they are on the march. There are real solutions to how we will spend less money overall and still have enough money to invest in our priorities such as rebuilding our military and caring for our veterans.

HH: And what you told me last night, and we have one minute, come back next week and spend a whole hour with me, Carly, is that you want people to know you believe you can win this. You’re not running for vice president or secretary of Treasury. You’re running for the nomination.

CF: I always have been, Hugh. I am running, because I am the most qualified candidate to beat Hillary Clinton, which we must do, and to be the commander-in-chief of this nation. That is why I’m running, because I am the most qualified candidate to win this job and to do this job. And we need the job done now. But we have to start. We have to start by beating Hillary Clinton. I can, and I will.

HH: Carly, we will talk to you again next week, Carly Fiorina, who I saw last night in Las Vegas, and I was so happy to have on today. I’ll talk to her next week.

End of interview.


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