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Campbell v. Devore v. Fiorina: The Race To Beat Boxer

Thursday, May 13, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

California Republicans select a nominee to take on Barbara Boxer on June 8, and the three-way race between moderate former Congressman Tom Campbell and conservatives Chuck DeVore and Carly Fiorina will get fierce between now and the vote. As Flap sees it, CNN’s token conservative Erick Erickson wants Chuck DeVore to get out of the race because of the potential for Devore to be a spoiler. Most polls show Chuck as draining away 10 to 15% of the vote from Fiorina, which could indeed be the first occasion of a split among right-leaning voters costing the conservatives the nominee slot.

I’ll try and get all three candidates on today’s show, and will also try and get Mickey Kaus, running against Boxer in the Democratic primary. As always, there will also be an invitation to Senator Boxer to appear, but she never goes near microphones where the questions might require other than a canned, hard-left response. Can you imagine Boxer’s melt-down if pressed on the half-trillion in unfunded public pension obligations California is facing?

Jerry Brown is weighing into the Republican primary for governor, trying very hard to get Steve Poizner the GOP nod over Meg Whitman. Brown’s allies in the political press are doing their best to create momentum for Poizner –if any Republican in the Bay area even noticed, it would actually hurt Poizner if they learned that the San Francisco Chronicle had endorsed him— but there’s no reliable data and no objective analysis supporting the idea that Poizner is “surging.” Whitman locked up the GOP nomination long ago with an aggressive, focused campaign that positioned her as a serious budget cutter, and everyone in California knows that this is Arnold’s greatest failure and the enormous challenge facing Greece-on-the-Pacific.


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