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Campbell for Congress

Saturday, August 13, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Waiting for my return flight to the U.S., I checked in on Campbell for Congress, and discovered that John Campbell has been endorsed by Arnold, pretty much every Congressman in the California delegation and the Club for Growth. One of the Minutemen has decided to run for the seat as a candidate of the American Indepent Party, but the Jim Gilchrist has endorsed higher taxes and won’t raise much money. The other GOP candidate, Marilyn Brewer, was already in a corner because of her pro-abortion rights position, and the Club for Growth endorsement of Campbell floors her chances as she needed the “focus on the economy” voters since she has given away the social issue conservatives.

I bring this to your attention to put this marker down: When the special election for Ohio’s 2nd District was closer than expected and the Dems ran an Iraq war veteran, MSM saw in the results weakening support ofr the president and the GWOT.

When Campbell sweeps in, will the MSM see in this special election growing support for W and the GWOT?

To make sure the message gets sent, even if it doesn’t get reported, drop some dollars in the CampbellforCongress fund. The vote will be in the early fall, probably early October by my estimate, so the campaign will be short and sharp.

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