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Calling All Doctors

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As Karl Rove notes in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, “[b]y a 60%-to-31% margin, Americans prefer getting their health coverage through private insurance rather than the federal government.”

The president is selling his deeply flawed plan hard and via dishonest means (see below) for a reason –Americans with health insurance don’t want to lose what they have and be dumped by their employers into President Obama’s vast new government bureaucracy.

IF the public understands what the president is pushing, they will rebel and swamp Congress with demands that it be stopped.

BUT MSM is doing its best to clear a trail for the new president they adore, and conservative talkers and new media can only do so much to sound the alarm.

The key to defeating the government takeover of health care is for health care providers to consciously adopt the practice of informing their patients that their future care is being debated in July and August on the Hill, and that Democrats are pushing a takeover plan that will force millions of Americans out of their current health care insurance and into a government plan, a government plan that will almost certainly be far less satisfactory to those covered by private insurance today.

Doctors, if you have begun to educate your patients about this looming threat to their well-being, please drop me a note at

What do you tell your patients to do? Print copies of the paragraphs below and put it next to your sign-in sheet:


As you may know, Congress is currently debating whether the government ought to set up a massive new government agency to sell federal government health insurance company.

If this proposal passes –it is called the “government option” or the “public plan”– many of you who currently get your medical insurance through your employer will find that your employer will quickly switch health insurance providers and place you with the government option/public plan.

As your doctor, I fear that a government option/public plan will greatly reduce the scope of services you can obtain without prior government approval, and that the government will greatly reduce what doctors and hospitals receive in payment for their services. These changes will lead many doctors to refuse to treat patients covered by the government option/public plan. Others will greatly reduce the time they spend with patients covered by the government option/public plan.

As your doctor, I urge you to pay close attention to this debate and to make your opinion known to Congress. Call your congressman or senators via the Congressional switchboard at 202-225-3121 and let them know you oppose the government takeover of health care. If a staffer tells you that the public plan isn’t a takeover, tell them politely but forcefully that the government option/public plan most certainly is a government takeover and that you are opposed to it.

There are many problems with the health insurance industry in America, but turning medicine into a government-run program is not the solution.


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