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Buyers’ Remorse At The DNC

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Hillary gave a great speech which had the effect of diminishing the actual nominee. Many have commented that Michelle Obama did not seem particularly cheery throughout, and why would she be? Earlier in the day Bill Clinton had all but predicted her husband’s defeat (the “can’t deliver” language), and now Hillary was looking great and communicating one message: But for our crazy rules, I’d be the nominee and we’d be 15 point ahead.

Poor Mark Warner –the keynote that wasn’t. It was Hillary’s night, and despite the assured nomination of Obama, it is looking like Hillary’s week. Four years go by in a blink, and if Obama loses,Hillary will surely be the nominee in 2012. And there’s no way Obama will have been vetted for her short list.

UPDATE: The WaPo reports that many Hillary delegates remain uncommitted to Obama. Of course that’s the result. They have begun to work on 2o12.

UPDATE 2: A fine bit of e-mail analysis of the Hillary speech:

based on 3 decades of Clinton observation, if i were Hillary’s Brain
(shudder!), here are the goals i would have set for my speech tonight.

1. Make Them Sorry They Didn’t Nominate Me.

2. Throw The Kid the Di Minimus Support That I Can Get Away With, Without
Being Called A “Traitor” And Tossed Out of the Party

3. Make Them Sorry They Didn’t Nominate Me.[# More #]

4. Remind Them of All My 2008 Campaign Themes, Getting Them Ready For My
2012 Campaign

5. Make Them Sorry They Didn’t Nominate Me

6. Show Them That I Have A Much More Polished and Professional Political
Demeanor Than The Kid

7. Make Them Sorry That They Didn’t Nominate Me

8. Warm Them Up For Bill Tomorrow, Who Will, probably, “BRING THE HOUSE
DOWN”, as ONLY Bill Clinton Can do

9. Do Nothing Substantive to Stauch the Anger of My Feminist, Middle Age
Base at Barrack Obama

10 Lay the Groundwork for the Largest “I Told You So!” in Democratic Party


when the Useful Idiots in the “Corporate Media” have had a few days to
digest and analyze Hillary’s speech, the MSM will get around to realizing
just how LITTLE she really did for Obama…YES her support for the
DEMOCRATIC PARTY was high, wide and handsome..but Barry got just little
enough to say “she did what she had to do”

DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION…the first day and a half (sans Teddy The Pretender)
was even DULLER than a Republican Convention (the sine qua non by which all
other political dullness MUST NEEDS be judged)….

IF (and it’s a LARGE “IF”) Bill behaves himself tomorrow, and doesn’t jump
off the verbal and rhetorical cliff, and rises to one of his Best
Performances, it will echo most of HRC did her tonight, present Herself (and
by implication, Himself) as The Indispensible Man for 2012…

as usu with These Two…

a Sly, Calculated Nasty Bit of Work, OR, IOW….

American Politics At Its Too Often Worst..


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