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Broadcasting from the Tea Party Patriots Summit and a Conversation with Louis Zamperini

Friday, February 25, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My conversation Thursday with Unbroken’s Louis Zamperini evoked such strong and positive reaction that Duane has made it available for everyone to listen to here. Reminder: If you want an autographed copy of either Unbroken or of Louie’s memoir from years ago, visit

My thanks as well to John Naber, the extraordinary Olympian and broadcaster whose friendship with Louie has extended back over the decades and which now allows John to help get Louie from one event to another and to manage the return of the gale force winds of celebrity to Louie, which have been around before. John Naber is a very, very good man, even if he like Louie are USC grads.

Now it is off to Phoenix and a broadcast from the Tea party Patriots Summit. My new column is on the importance of this event and my hope that everyone inside the Beltway GOP is listening to this core constituency of reformers and activists. In fact the Beltway GOP has to take note of the message from the Koch brothers, via NRO and Powerline, and from AMAC, the Center for America and as well as all of the new conservative infrastructure that has sprung up across the country. Everyone of these groups and I suspect all of the activists I will interview on today’s show are demanding immediate and serious reforms of the federal government, the sort of reforms imposed in the House version of the new CR, including the defunding of Planned parenthood, the hobbling of the EPA’s power grabs, and the zeroing out of NPR and CPB.

There isn’t any patience for rhetoric or dodges. The Democrat-led U.S. Senate, facing a deadline of March 4, took another vacation rather than stay in town and work on the budget cutting. , the D.C. Democrats ran from their jobs. That’s the message the Beltway GOP ought to be sending out, even as they listen very closely to what the Tea Party Patriots are saying in Phoenix this weekend.

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