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Brit Hume On McCain: “I think what they saw was John McCain perhaps at his least attractive. He was scornful. He seemed almost an occasional moment even petty.”

Sunday, January 6, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Brit Hume comes to the same conclusion as I did last night.

Here’s the video:

UPDATE: Powerline’s John Hinderaker adds his analysis:

McCain: McCain did all right, but I don’t think he helped himself with his jabs at Romney. At one point he delivered a planned one-liner, agreeing that Romney is the “candidate of change.” I thought it was extremely lame; at first, no one but McCain laughed. Romney came off looking, I thought, like the grown-up, something that shouldn’t happen to McCain. While McCain was strong on national security issues, as always, I thought he was generally less prominent in the debate than he should have been

Romney: I thought Romney was the clear winner, most of all in demeanor and general impact. I’ve been critical of Mitt’s television communication skills in the past, but last night he was Presidential and effective. A viewer who knew nothing about the status of the race would have assumed, I think, that Romney was the front-runner and perhaps the candidate with the most stature. Headlines suggest that the other candidates were ganging up on Romney. I think that is overblown; it happened on only a couple of occasions. On those occasions, I thought Romney came across as the candidate who is trying to rise above pettiness and focus on policy. McCain’s anger toward Romney backfired, I thought. On a number of issues–health care and energy, and even national defense–Romney showed impressive command.

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