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Brian Williams Asks Me: Who Are You Supporting?

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I was on with Brian Williams on the excellent new show “The 11th Hour” last night, and loved this exchange, both because Brian is right –the TV is a sort of MRI and people who talk across it get to “know” each other in a real way after a few exchanges, as I have Brian– and because it includes my guide to Donald Trump debate prep as well as my take on the unfolding failure of elite media…all in 90 seconds:

BW: Hugh Hewitt, I hate to take this into the negative, but you get to know people really well even through the magic of television, because I’m convinced the camera is part MRI. I know you had a problem with Trump’s John McCain incident. I know you had a problem with Judge Curiel. I’m guessing you have a problem with this Miss Universe dust up, which does not seem to be going away. Where do you stand, and your listeners hear you out on this, vis-à-vis Donald Trump, right now, as of now, tonight?

HH: Oh, I’m voting for Donald Trump. I’m voting for Donald Trump because of the Supreme Court, 80 other federal court vacancies. It’s an election that will change the Court for 40 years, and I make that case every day to NeverTrumpers. And I tell them, I wish Donald Trump would debate the way I would debate. There’s an old mnemonic that we used to learn, Every Good Boy Does Fine to get the scale down. I wish he would learn Every Liberal Really Seems So, So Sad. Egypt, Libya, Russian reset button, Syria, the Status of Forces Agreement, the Server, and the Supreme Court, and that he simply would not listen to any other argument that Secretary Clinton makes, and return again and again to these seven subjects, the most important of which to me is the Supreme Court. I want to note, the Professor, sly Princetonian professor, stuck in a good poke there at Donald Trump, calling him a lunatic, put me in mind of Howard Dean’s cocaine tweet. And I will tell you, I think that there is not very well hidden a revulsion in middle America that goes back to the estimable Matt Dowd’s sense of who really thinks about me? Who’s talking for me? And the professor mentioned the big banks, etc. But Brian, you know my hometown of Warren. You know where I’m from, and you know the Yinzers in Pittsburgh. And those people, there’s a reason the First Lady was in Philadelphia today, because they are not locked down there. There’s a reason that Donald Trump was in Wisconsin and Iowa. Iowa’s on his column, and Wisconsin’s going that way. And I think it’s because elite opinion makers, and that would include everyone on this wonderful show tonight, including your great panel beforehand, are not talking in terms or about stories that are animating the people in Warren and Youngstown and Niles and Pittsburgh and Grand Rapids.


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