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Bravo to the Los Angeles Times (Yes, You Read That Right.)

Sunday, December 11, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The White Witch has apparently been consigned to hell, because today’s Los Angeles Times’ Sunday “Current” section has three opinion pieces by three center-right writers, all of whom are from Southern California!

Carol Platt Liebau writes on the asymmetry of tolerance in public messages when those messages concern Christian faith and when they concern sexuality. (Carol’s blog is here.)

Dennis Prager writes about the religious left.

And Cathy Seipp undresses the paper’s impoverished understanding of blogs in the area. (Here’s Cathy’s blog.)

Memo to Dean B.: Instruct staff to sign these three plus Matt Welch, Roger L. Simon and Patterico to do weekly or every-other week pieces for “Current.” Presto: A reason for center-right readers to subscribe to the Sunday edition, and a marketing campaign should follow. In one stroke the paper would have the most balanced Sunday opinion section in the nation, but also one uniquely and appropriately anchored in its home market. Each of these six already have national audiences and national recognition on the center-right. Appropriate that credibility and you will have –finally, at last– laid a foundation for the rebuilidng of the paper’s reputation.

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