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Monday, June 9, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The development of a blood test that accurately identifies children with Downs Syndrome during the first trimester is in advanced and “successful” trials.

This sort of screening means increased if not near-complete destruction of children with Downs in the womb, and beyond that, the development heralds an age of testing and selection that will have no limits. If you can test for Downs syndrome and abort on that basis, what is the difference between that and a test for gender, height or vision or even the color of eyes and a decision to abort based on the results? Many will say that it is “quality of life” for either the child or the parent, ut the vast majority of parents of children with Downs attest to their childrens’ happiness and their fulfillment. Even if the testimony was not so uniform, there would be no separating the children with Downs from those who are different in some other way that is unappealing to expectant parents.

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