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Boxer’s Got Reiner’s Back. Maybe. Heh.

Thursday, March 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Bill Bradley’s blog –a sure sign that Democratic support for the disgraced First Five Chairman-Director is ebbing:

When the pair was asked about the Rob Reiner situation, however ‘” namely, do Angelides and Boxer support a state investigation of the First 5 Commission and do they still support the Reiner universal preschool initiative? ‘” Angelides bristled. ‘I’ll take that,’he said. Reminded that the question was for both of them, he merely answered part of the question: ‘I support the initiative,’he said.

Senator Boxer then jumped in, answering both parts of my question. With regard to a state investigation of the Reiner commission, she said: ‘If there are any questions about it, they ought to be looked into.’She then reiterated her support for the Reiner universal preschool initiative. Angelides then launched into an encomium to Reiner before ending the press conference.

So Reiner’s still got Phil covering his back.

Bradley’s also still following the money.

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