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Monday, March 13, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Garry Wills has a new book, What Jesus Meant. The book is 176 pages long and lists at $24.95.

It was, of course, reviewed and approved in yesterday’s New York Times, by Newsweek’s Jon Meachem.

I find this very, very amusing, and hope that Dr. Mark Roberts and Dr. Albert Mohler –both genuine New Testament scholars and theologians– find the time and the steel to examine Wills’ bulletin on what Jesus meant.

Given that Wills’ pub date was March 2, and the review appeared on March 12, I am hopeful that the Times’ will be running a review of An Army of Davids next Sunday.

And congrats to Bill Sammon, whose Strategry made the bestseller’s list in the blink of an eye. No review of Strategry yet in the Times, though it debuted a week ahead of Wills’ latest.

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