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Bob Ray Sanders and White Robes/Black Robes

Tuesday, November 1, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

While the DNC was getting its Italian slur campaign ginned up, Fort Worth Star Telegrapg columnist Bob Ray Sanders was warming up the racist accusations.

Last week, in an entry on his blog for the paper, Sanders wrote:

[G]et ready for the next nominee, who is likely to be a judge as comfortable in a white robe as a black one.

I received an e-mail asserting that Sanders applied the “white sheet” slander to Judge Alito on a Dallas television show this morning. Today I interviewed Sanders, who denied saying that about Judge Alito. While he would not retreat from this slanderous assertion generally, he would also not name a single name from the short list to whom this slander applies.

That proves, of course, that his is empty rhetoric, a pose, and an indictment of his credibility on such matters.

Radioblogger will post a transcript and the audio later. If anyone has audio of Sanders’ appearance on Dallas Channel 4 this morning, please send it along.

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