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Blogging the Blog, but not Walking the Walk

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“You learn something about someone unable or unwilling to confess a serious error of judgment in the past.”

– Andrew Sullivan, 8/3/2006, a.k.a. yesterday


Who could argue with the validity of the above sentiment? Is our ability to confess error not one of the things that separates us from the lowly beasts? That and the ability to invent things like Axe Body Spray to attract women, of course.

Such golden insights are why I still read Andrew Sullivan. The fact that he spluttered this jewel in the middle of some senseless invective aimed at Hugh doesn’t make the jewel any less shiny.

So it is thus with great disappointment, and even greater surprise, that I must report the following. Earlier this morning, Andrew posted a YouTube segment whose auteur was one Alex Jones. The video purported to show that Dick Cheney had done something horrible (or something like that) and then lied about it when he shot his friend in the face.

Alex Jones may be a familiar name to some of you, for he is an accomplished conspiracy kook. According to his own website:

In the Summer of 2000, Alex successfully infiltrated Bohemian Grove, meeting place for the global elite in an ancient redwood forest of northern California. This was documented by World of Wonder in their Secret Rulers of the World series, shown in the UK on Channel 4 and aired nationwide in the US multiple times on the Trio Network.

Alex’s documentary, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, features the infiltration plus the history of the Grove.

Alex is known for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. He combines his media presence with actual physical activism, a practice that once led to him being arrested on the personal order of George W. Bush!

In other words, this gentleman may not be the most reliable individual to do a careful forensic study of the Dick Cheney hunting incident.

Fortunately, not all of Andrew’s readers have left him, because one sent him an email reading:

“You do realize that Alex Jones is a conspiracy nut who thinks the Jews did 9/11 and not a ballistics expert, yes?”

Andrew posted the email, and one had to figure he was going to confess his error because, after all, “You learn something about someone unable or unwilling to confess a serious error of judgment in the past.” Instead, Andrew responded:

“Er, no. Actually, I didn’t. I just watched the video sent by a reader and found it persuasive. It’s unfortunate that the guy is a crazed nut, but I’d still like to know why he’s wrong in this case. One reader argued that different shotguns, even of identical manufacture, can have different dispersement, a fact that would undermine Jones’ case. Maybe other readers can help debunk this theory – or not.”

What can I say? I’m once again disappointed. Anyone can blog the blog, but walking the walk is a far different matter.

Then again, perhaps Andrew is just doing us all favor, endeavoring to be the first highly respected journalist to infiltrate Bohemian Grove.


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