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Blasting Obama: Hillary’s Last, Best Chance For The Oval Office

Tuesday, April 15, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Hillary keeps the heat on Obama:

“I don’t think he really gets it that people are looking for a president who stands up for you and not looks down on you,” Clinton said. “After seven years of Americans feeling invisible to this president, President Bush, it’s time that we level the playing field and begin acting like Americans again.”

Last evening, her campaign released a television ad with Pennsylvanians saying they were insulted by Obama.

The controversy goes to the heart of what, at least in recent elections, has been the Democrats’ Achilles’ heel: perceptions by some voters – fueled gleefully by the GOP – that their party is led by liberal elitists who patronize, and, at times, even scorn middle America. Four years ago, Republicans lampooned Senator John F. Kerry as a millionaire windsurfer whose positions changed with the breeze.

Obama is from the far left side of the already too-left Democratic Party. Hillary is only slightly less left, but she knows Obama cannot keep the charade of being a “moderate” going much longer, and she’s going to make sure that the Democrats will have no excuse for nominating a far-left candidate if they continue down that path.

Clinton could still pull this out, but she needs a decisive win in PA to do so –the sort of win that wakes up the half of the Dems still is in love with the idea of a moderate Obama appealing across party-lines. Expect her to be blunt and focused. This is her last chance at becoming president, the week that she will be replaying in her head for the next 20 years if she does anything other than go all in. She has to be loud enough to compete with the pope and tough enough to make the argument that Obama cannot win and could well lose in a landslide.

Crying won’t work. Bill cannot help. To win, Hillary has to do the unthinkable: She has to be brutally honest with the voters about just how unelectable Obama is.

Does she have it in her?

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