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Blackfive and Smash and Austin Bay

Monday, August 22, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Blackfive’s tribute to Casey Sheehan is a must, must read. When you are tempted to blast his mom, remind yourself of this man’s sacrifice and heroism and assume as I do that he loved his mom deeply and would defend her like the fine son he must have been even if he disagreed with her politics.

And drop by Smash’s place. This extraordianry talent is in the job market, and someone in the San Diego area (or elsewhere, if he’s willing to move) will be very lucky to snag him.

And thanks to Austin Bay for being a guest on today’s program. All the commentary I have heard on the Iraqi constitution today does not begin to compare to the insight provided by Colonel Bay, who has been there and been in prolonged conversation with the folks trying to make a republic.

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