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Bill Roggio Beats Down Washington Post

Tuesday, December 27, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

And it isn’t pretty for the Post.

Somehow the Post’s reporters persuaded themselves that they could execute a successful MSM hit-and-run on Roggio’s reporting from Iraq, insinuating that Roggio’s work was propaganda and slagging Roggio in the process.

Roggio’s response has now been picked up and linked by Instapundit and Powerline and I hope by scores and scores of more bloggers unwilling to let the MSM’s bitterness at its gradual eclipse as media market makers fester into hack attacks on fine correspondents who may not have been to journalism school but who don’t let their anti-Bush agenda get in the way of the facts as they are.

The Post’s Howard Kurtz is the best old media writer when it comes to new media. It will be interesting to see if Howard rebukes the duo of Finer and Struck, who seem motivated more by the fact that Roggio and Michael Yon are eating the MSM’s lunch every day than they are about reporting how blogs have forced old media to stop filing from hotels with details of what other reporters are feeling about the war.

Here’s a picture of Finer from his days as an embedded reporter with the Marines. Perhaps some of the Marines who carried Finer with them in the march to Baghdad will let me or Roggio know if he’s as much a cheap-shot artist as he comes across in today’s column, or if he was just having a bad time realizing that the old oligarchy had been shattered. I can be reached at

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