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Bill Clinton’s Wrath

Saturday, May 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt
Advertisement has a fascinating story on the anger of Bill Clinton. It begins:

With Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on the verge of defeat, Bill Clinton has been placing blame on enemies including a brazenly biased media that tried to suppress blue-collar votes, a powerful anti-war group that endorsed rival Barack Obama and weak-willed party leaders unable to stand up to either of these nefarious forces.

With many decades left before him, expect Bill to nurture his grudges and act on them.

What will fascinate is his and Hillary’s conduct between now and November. Will he and she undermine the already troubled Obama candidacy, having concluded that four years of McCain and a return to the White House in 2013 is to be preferred to eclipse at the hands of a rookie and his band of radical friends and backers?

If the DNC Rules Committee does other than either seat all of the Michigan and Florida delegates or punt, its anti-Clinton members will go on to the payback list. Better for some, surely, to punt to the Credentials Committee and get out of the middle of the Clinton-Obama wars.

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