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Bennett On McCain’s Attack On Romney:”Below The Belt”

Sunday, January 27, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Bill Bennett is a friend of John McCain’s, but Bennett knows that the Arizona maverick was out-of-line to attack Romney on the war today. From

McCain Should Apologize [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Bennett’s been a McCain defender, certainly more than other conservative radio-talk-show hosts. On CNN, he just called today’s Iraq hit on Romney “below the belt” and said “honor has been McCain’s watchword” -he should admit that was wrong to do.

McCain going negative with such a distortion will hurt him with GOP voters who recall McCain’s many attacks on other Republicans over the years. “Below the belt” doesn’t win over the undecideds, and may even shake some McCain supporters who had decided to put aside their doubts. Governor Crist can say nice things about McCain, but McCain’s own words are undermining that message.

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