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Benghazi v. IRS v. EPA

Monday, May 13, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Most reaers and listeners understand what a reference to “Benghazi” means, and if they don’t know what a reference to the “IRS scandal” means, they will by the end of the week as the outrageousness of the agency’s conduct grows into a Beltway catastrophe for all the the president’s men (and the president himself.)  Welcome to a second term.

There is another story, one of equal importance but far less public recognition, which has been the outrageous conduct of the EPA over the first term of Team Obama’s tenure.  The agency has, to put it simply, been out of control, promulgating gargantuan proposed rules and pursuing an agenda that Congress explicitly refused, and doing so via highly irregular and probably unlawful tactics.  The “EPA phony email scandal” is among the search terms that will take you to the first layer of the agency’s lawlessness.

Now the president has a new nominee to take over the agency —Gina McCarthy, and her nomination is hung up in the Senate.  Many of the questions have to do with the secret agenda and the secret emails used to run EPA from 2009 to the present, and the agency’s relationships with outside groups.  With the example of the IRS abuse in mind, watch that space for the eruption into public view of the third major scandal of the first Obama term.


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