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Benghazi, Big Bird, and the Collapse of a Con

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Townhall’s Guy Benson brings you up to date on the latest in the unraveling cover-up by the president and his team of the Benghazi massacre. Powerline’s John Hinderaker rightly praises Congressman Issa for pursuing the truth.

With ABC’s “confirmation” that there were no protests of any kind outside of the consulate when the terrorists attacked, the focus should be on the president’s deceptive statement at the Univision forum in Florida two weeks ago. Had he truly been that out of touch with events and so disconncted from a terrorist attack on our ambassador and his security team that he did not know what he was talking about, or was he simply lying and hoping it would last through the election, a sort of Nixonian “limited modified hang-out?”

Certainly we should also be re-examining why the presient jetted off to Vegas for a fundraiser hours after the attack. Recall the feigned outrage at George W. Bush’s use of images of 9/11 in his re-election campaign –nearly three years after the events of that awful day?

President Obama flew off to Vegas after a terrorist attack to pass the cup for his campaign and he did so either without being briefed on a terrorist attack or knowing that a terrorist attack had been successfully carried out. Then he and senior members of his administration attempted to conceal the nature of the events in order to protect his campaign. Extraordinary. I ask the old question: If W had been caught doing this….

The Benghazi cover-up is juxtaposed with the Big Bird fiasco which followed the president’s on-camera debacle before 70 million Americans like night follows day. The president and his senior advisors are so tone-deaf as to what is facing the country and so clueless as to the real concerns of voters that they have spent a week trying to work out the timing of the president’s lame jokes about Big Bird. Having been mocked by their own team –again– the Obamians are getting angry and defensive.

Politico’s Mike Allen summarizes the state of panic inside the Beltway in his “Playbook” email this AM:

MORNING MINDMELD: The media narrative has turned in dramatic – and, for Obama, dangerous — ways. Talk to top Democrats, and suddenly it’s Obama who has suspect personal and political skills — and a vague, uninspiring agenda. It’s Romney who has his groove, is drawing bigger crowds, feeling love from his base, and seeing a nice bump in the polls. Ask any professional Democrat’s private take on the president, and it’s usually mixed, if not downbeat. Many will be quick to criticize if the turbulence continues. And just ask Mitt Romney what happens when prominent members of your own party go on the record to bash you.

Allen continues to set an example of fair reporting even as Politico continues its free fall into wild Obama boosterism. It is as though their younger staff simply don’t know how to do straight reporting, or balanced biased reporting. (An example of wildly pro-Obama spinning is Glenn Thrush’s lame attempt this morning to cabin the panic among Democrats while downplaying the ongoing collapse in the president’s polling. Note the lack of third party or GOP commentary in the story on the Democratic panic, which is profound and widespread, but the abundance of “nothing to see here, move along” quotes from reliable Democratic operatives. It is another of the patented “we only interview Obama partisans” genre.)

The panic throughout Obamaland is real and it is justified. Run through all the latest polls at RealClearPolitics, and put aside the bogus “average” poll of polls, which tosses in junk stuff like Quinnipiac and Marist along with serious sustained efforts like Gallup and Rasmussen.

Because of sample issues, cell phone issues, non-response issues etc., we know that polling, never an exact science, is deeply troubled this cycle, reaching exit-poll levels of credibility issues. All that can really be gathered is direction of the race, and that direction is profound. Tidal even. In almost every poll and across almost every race, the GOP is picking up strength and showing strong momentum.

And early voting is well underway in key states like Iowa, North carolina –and of course Ohio. The president took his pratfall just as voting began. This opened huge doors for Mitt Romney and he and his campaign are rushing through them.

Here’s a photo of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie yesterday, in my home turf of Trumball County, in Lordstown, a GM/UAW town:

Here’s the coverage from the local paper, the estimable Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Sending Christie in to talk to the very union, very Catholic voters of the Steel Valley is of course a great move by Team Romney, and Paul Ryan does very well there as well. What this reflects is a Romney Ohio campaign effort that is stretching their Buckeye map even as it stretches the national map into places like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

If Politico was really doing its job, it wouldn’t be sending us talking points from the Obama campaign, but facts about the actual spending programs in the key swing states, absentee trends, and surrogate news. (Bill Clinton was in the key battleground of, wait for it, California yesterday, pushing for Jerry Brown’s suicidal massive tax hike Prop 30 and collecting chits of Hillary’s 2016 campaign. Not exactly deploying your best surrogates to the place they are needed most.)

All across the country and throughout the political overclass, the unmistakable signs of collpase of the con are showing through. Ever since David Axelrod and Barack Obama launched this audacious gamble years ago –the idea that America would bet its future on some speeches and bushel of good feelings– the question has been when, not if, the country would catch on, shudder, and return to seriousness and competence in the Oval Office. The collision of incompetence with the reality of our huge problems occurred on last Wednesday night, and Mitt Romney added the sharp contrast of what conservative competence looked and sounded like. The shattering of the Obama campaign followed.

Pundits are cautious and don’t want to be too far ahead of the herd at any time, thus the huge crowd around and behind the president for five years. But the stampede away from him began Wednesday night and continues to pick up speed. The Manhattan-Beltway talking heads are –very slowly– working their way to the true estimate of what is happened. Andrew Sullivan got there first, and he is being blasted for stating the obvious. He was right and the pro-palace die-hards are wrong. The panic is as real as the rush of voters away from the president.

And they are depending on Slow Joe Biden to stop it. If the country and the world weren’t in such desperate shape, you’d almost feel sorry for Joe. But we are in desperate circumstances, and thus we don’t. Four weeks until the turnaround begins and the con is over. It cannot come soon enough.

The specifics of the con? All here:

The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency

For another perspective on the con and its consequences, watch this Bernie Marcus interview on why he “is frightened to death.”


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