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Beauchamp Recants, Update (But Not From “The Plank”)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Glenn Reynolds has a comprehensive set of links.

Over at The New Republic’s blog, The Plank, silence.

Oblivious to irony, TNR’s trumpets an article by Andrew Bacevich:

The Overhyped David Petraeus
General David Petraeus may be the best man for the job in Iraq. But he’s not enough.

I supposed the editors could counter: “We know overhyped.”

UPDATE: At The Plank this morning, two posts on the DeYoung/Ricks Basra story, but nothing on the diaster in their own nest. Terrible journalism topped by terrible taste.

“But before Jayson Blair, there was Stephen Glass.” And now after Blair there is Beauchamp. And Foer. And the quiet, complete stillness of The Plank.

Note The Plank’s explanation of The Plank, especially these lines:

The New Republic has done its fair share to invent and reinvent opinion journalism in this country. And we’ve had our share of success in the blogosphere. But blogs, like TV shows, can’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) live forever. So, we’re trying to mix up the lineup. You can expect The Plank to satisfy your procrastination jones about six times a day–and a few times more when we can gloat over the jailing of political enemies.

Reinventing opinion journalism again, but definitely not satisfying our “procrastination jones” on this story.

“[O]ur fellow writers and editors at the magazine shouldn’t be held accountable for The Plank’s idiocies,” the introductory note concludes, but that doesn’t work the other way. Not at all. No one needs to be an accomplice to the meltdown, but shrugging shoulders and averting eyes and keyboards from the train wreck is not a neutral act.

UPDATE 2: Finally, bold, bright journalistic courage –the editor be damned, I have self-respect– as Planker Jonathan Chait posts:

You can watch me and Ross Douthat of the Atlantic discuss Scott Thomas Beauchamp, Bill Kristol, foreign policy, and other topics on bloggingheads, here.

Jonathan Chait

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