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Battleground Poll: Obama 49% McCain 46%; Rasmussen Obama 51% McCain 46%

Monday, October 27, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I humbly suggest the final week of John McCain’s campaign should be fashioned around a single question: “Do you want your money back?”

Obama’s long held “spread-the-wealth” views –see Beldar’s post below— and the announced plans of various spokesmen for the troika of Obama-Pelosi-Reid guarantee that any new wealth created under the high tax, protectionist policies of the Democratic left (and it would likely be very small indeed given the track record of such approaches to economic growth, and in fact could be deeply negative) would go to government coffers for redistribution to less successful Americans. The losses sustained in the financial panic would thus be made permanent as opposed to temporary. If Americans want to restore their savings and especially their retirement accounts, they have to vote for growth, not redistribution, and for robust national security rather than the appeasement that, as Joe Biden so correctly predicted, invites aggression and conflict.

The Battleground poll is the most favorable one out today, though Rasmussen’s shows a 3 point move in McCain’s direction as well. Both candidates are back in PA today, which makes one wonder what they are both seeing in their internal polling. McCain is behind by large margins in some polls, but the results of these very reputable polls tells us again that MSM’s deep desire to close the campaign down and declare Obama the winner is a partisan tactic, not journalism.

McCain-Palin is seeking the electoral equivalent of the inside straight, but inside straights do happen, and hole cards come up two Aces sometimes (PA and NH?)

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