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Barone On Dowd, Sullivan, and Romney

Thursday, April 5, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Be sure to read Michael Barone’s touching and illuminating column on the political journeys of Matthew Dowd and Andrew Sullivan, which illustrates how the personal can indeed become the political. (Scroll down.)

Barone is sympathetic to both men, but also a clear-eyed analyst of a key fact: George W. Bush hasn’t changed much at all since he was elected.  Many Americans have, though, and in their transformations have chosen to see in Bush a president who evolved from friend to foe while in fact it was they who went off in different directions.

Bush’s tenacity and purposefulness will be among the most remarkable and admirable of his qualities.  He will be the GOP’s Truman within a short period of time, and anyone who wants a glimpse of what that process will look at should dive into David McCullough’s Truman.

Barone’s latest post is about Mitt Romney’s Mormon issue, and gives a nice plug to my book.  He also revisited Theodore White’s The Making of the President, 1968, as I did at even greater length in the manuscript (as well as David Broder’s and Stephen Hess’  very relevant The Republican Establishment from 1967 which dealt with George Romney’s LDS faith at length.)

When the April reports are filed, expect the best analysis to come from Barone.

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