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Banning Benedict

Thursday, January 17, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Dennis Prager alerted me to this story this morning in the (subscription required):

American universities aren’t the only places where politically incorrect speakers are silenced nowadays. This week in Rome, of all places, Pope Benedict XVI found himself censored by scholars, of all people, at one of Europe’s most prestigious universities.

On Tuesday the pontiff canceled a speech scheduled for today at Sapienza University of Rome in the wake of a threat by students and 67 faculty members to disrupt his appearance. The scholars argued that it was inappropriate for a religious figure to speak at their university.


One of Benedict’s favorite themes is that European civilization derives from the rapprochement between Greek philosophy and religious belief, between Athens and Jerusalem. In the speech he wasn’t allowed to give, the pope planned to talk about the role of popes and universities.

This is nuts. The West is threatened by jihadists intent on sending civilization back more than a thousand years, and academics in Rome are gagging one of the West’s most skilled and respected defenders.

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