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Wednesday, March 22, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

An encore appearance on Anderson Cooper’s program tonight, again with Time’s Michael Ware from Baghdad, and tonight with Michael Yon.

Ware’s an interesting fellow, though viewers report he looked about ready to explode on last night’s program. He’s an Australian, and perhaps best known for his reporting on the insurgents in Iraq. At an Overseas Press Club award banquet last year, Ware remarked in his acceptance speech that “in conflict everyone lies –the good guys, the bad guys, our own government. Finding the truth does not come cheap.”

The Belmont Club has this entry on an interview Ware gave to ABC Australia in 2004. In it Ware asserts about the terrorists whom he has spent time with: “Clearly, these men, just like the American military I deal with and the public affairs officers who stick to me like glue and only let me see what they want me to see when I’m with them, so it is with the Jihadis.”

And The Brisbane Boys Grammar school of which Ware is a 1982 graduate, recently included this alumni note:

After a short sojourn to visit familyand friends former GrammarRugby Captain, lawyer andmore latterly Time Magazinereporter Michael Ware (1982)returned to his job reporting inIraq, where he is undoubtedly ingrave danger as he liaises withthe insurgents to offer a balancedview in the strife torn country.

The discussion is scheduled for two segments at the top of the 11 PM EST hour.

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