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Austin Bay on The Military, Kerry and Honor

Monday, November 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Austin Bay has an impressive piece on Kerry’s slander and its aftermath.

In yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, Jonathan Chait was assuring the Beltway-Manhatten media elite that the Kerry slander didn’t matter.  “Everybody in professional politics, conservative or liberal,” Chait wrote, understands that Kerry was trying to make a joke about Bush. And yet the GOP has succeeded in convincing the country that he was denigrating American soldiers.”  Which means that those who disagree with Chait must be stupid or lying.  That group includes a vast number of men and women in the military, as has been pointed out repeatedly across the web.  MSMers like Chait refuse to acknowledge their opinions and judgments.  They don’t want those opinions and judgments to be counted, just like the military’s votes in Florida in 2000.

Colonel Bay differs and anyone who has eyes will have to agree with Bay.  Chait’s attempt to ignore the collective judgment of the military on Kerry’s slur is another display of MSM contempt for the military.

As I wrote last week: If you purport to support the troops and admire the military and the job its members are doing, you have to listen to them and include their opinion.

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