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Attacking McCain

Wednesday, March 12, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Barack Obama’s friend, neighbor and financier is in the dock in Chicago, Democratic superdelegate #9 Elliot Spitzer is negotiating a plea deal as a prelude to resignation, and Clinton surrogate Geraldine Ferraro is attacking Obama by arguing he is winning only because of his race, and the Washington Post runs with a story attacking John McCain because he has lobbyists on his campaign?

Every presidential campaign in modern times –both Republican and Democratic– have lobbyists serving as senior decision makers and advisors. That’s because they know how campaigns are run, and they know the details of various policies on which debates turn. Every issue central to a presidential campaign has a set of lobbyist experts associated with it somewhere in D.C., and some of these people are going to be involved with both campaigns.

There are genuine controversies and made-up controversies. The attack on McCain’s ties to lobbyists is in the latter category, a bit of MSM ballast useful to the controversy-mired Dems and nothing more.

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