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As I Head Off to Minnesota…

Saturday, July 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

On a day we discover that we have a 9/10 SCOTUS, and a 9/10 House (and possibly a 9/10 Senate) unwilling to condemn by name the 9/10 Times Two, we do get two pieces of good news.

Peter Keisler has been nominated to the D.C. Circuit (and should be a priority of the Judiciary Committee);

And Nihilist in Golf Pants is anchoring the Fraters team in the trivia contest against my club at the MN State Fair. Notorious NGP is the “straw that stirs the drink” on the Fraters club, and that’s very good news for us. Plus he slagged on Peeps for a segment today.

“There’s a pony in there somewhere” sums up the day. Mark Steyn adds much to the assessment of the day. As did Bill Kristol, James Lileks and John McIntyre, and transcripts of those interviews will be up when Duane gets his fingers unbent.

And Michelle Malkin has a Hamdan round-up that includes the definitive statement from Senator Kyl and Graham. Now if they could work on the Senate resolution condemning the NYT and LAT by name.

Bonus Question: Who’s better read and more trustworthy on basic matters of logic? NYTer Eric Lichtblau, or this guy?


Small world. It seems as though the new D.C. Circuit nominee, Peter Keisler, may have been my replacement in the Office of the Counsel to the President in 1986.

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