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ARRA’s Section 1611

Saturday, February 28, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Angelo Paparelli is one of the country’s leading immigration lawyers, a partner in Seyfarth Shaw in New York, NY and Irvine, Calif., and President of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers. Angelo has written extensively on the protectionist provision of the porkulus bill that invites other nations to restrict the use of American expertise within their borders while simultaneously raising the cost of doing business during the recession. A second, even more detailed look at the law by Angelo is here with co-author Ted J. Chiappari.

The porkulus is full of stink bombs that continue to appear and which would not have survived even a couple of weeks scrutiny. Senators Collins, Snowe and Specter might have voted for the bill anyway, but they ought to have at least negotiated for a full airing of the text before throwing in the rush to bad law and economics.

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