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Arnold’s Reiner Anchor

Wednesday, March 22, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday the Fox news Channel sent a crew to my studio to film comments on the Rob Reiner scandal and Arnold’s standing by Reiner.

Today NPR ran a story on the same subject.

And LAWeekly’s Bill Bradley spells it out the implications for the California governor.

Unforced errors in politics are the worst sort. Standing by a friend is admirable, but not when that friend has chaired a commission that spent $23 million on ads that clearly supported the friend’s political campaign to expand the public schools bureaucracy and raise taxes via initiative.

Arnold’s refusal to replace Reiner with a serious medical professional will be a slow bleed, and unlike Arnold’s other gestures of reconciliation with the center-left and left, this is the sort of very public blow off of conservatives and good government types that makes his November re-elect much more problematic.

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