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Arnold’s Re-elect and the Reiner Scandal

Friday, February 24, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Los Angeles Times reports that Arnold has assembled many from Team Bush to try and get his mojo back. The arrival of Matthew Dowd is a sign of Arnold’s seriousness, but reporter Michael Finnigen correctly notes “Schwarzenegger’s most immediate challenge is to tamp down the revolt among his party’s conservative base, which he will face tonight at the state GOP convention in San Jose.”

Expect unhappy Republicans as long as Arnold keeps Rob Reiner as chair of the state commission doling out millions in pr contracts extolling preschool for all even as Reiner leads the campaign for a massive tax hike to bankroll preschool for all. (Reiner’s a hard core Dem activist, and his contributions history proves it.)

Imagine if Arnold began his speech tonight by saying: “Just wanted you to know that today I fired Rob Reiner! The last thing Kal-i-for-knee-a needs is another tax hike and more school bureaucracy! We must defeat Prop 82!” Much would be forgiven.

Watch LAWeekly’s Bill Bradley’s blog today. He’s got the scent, and although Arnold has plenty of reasons to dump Arnold already, expect a few more shortly.

Yesterday’s editorial in the San Diego Union Tribune was harsh but on target:

It’s hard to fathom how a Hollywood actor-director-activist with an idealistic reputation for caring about children could make the transition to sleazy pol so quickly, but that’s just what Rob Reiner has done. His role in orchestrating the use of millions in taxpayer money to push his latest cause is beyond slimy and way past arrogant….

Now [Reiner’s] leading the push for another measure, Proposition 82, which would mandate government-provided preschool. It was bad enough to learn in December that the First 5 California Commission ‘” the agency created under Reiner’s previous initiative to distribute tobacco-tax proceeds ‘” had spent $18 million in taxpayer funds on a ‘preschool for all’TV ad campaign while Reiner was trying to gather signatures for his ‘preschool for all’initiative….

As for Reiner, it used to be just a bit annoying to watch him in TV interviews offering himself up as a noble man. Now such a performance would have an emetic effect. He’s a scoundrel, not a hero ‘” a scoundrel who owes California taxpayers $23 million.

Arnold should fire Reiner. Today.

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