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Army Chief Warrant Officer Chris

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A three tour veteran of Iraq, Army Chief Warrant Officer Chris, called the program yesterday.  The transcript is here.  Read it all, please.  One excerpt:

HH: Now I’m talking with Chief Warrant Officer Chris. Which branch are you in? Are you in the Army then, Chris?

Chris: I’m an Army intel officer.

HH: All right. Let me ask you this. This is sort of an emotional reaction. Do you like the Iraqi people?

Chris: I love the Iraqi people.

HH: When you hear people talk about withdrawing and let the chips fall, does that strike you…

Chris: It infuriates me.

HH: Tell me why.

Chris: Because just as in America, Iraq has their bad seeds, their bad eggs, whatever you want to call them. But it’s a minority. It’s a very small percentage, but just like anywhere else, that very small percentage makes the most noise, and therefore, they’re the most noticeable. Most of the Iraqi people that I’ve dealt with would give you the shirt off their back if you ask for it, not even needed it, not wanted it. If you just ask for it, it’s yours. You show interest in something of theirs, it’s yours. They’re very giving, they’re very kind, they’re very smart, and they just, just like us, they want a chance. I’m biased, because I have spent one heck of a lot of time with the Iraqi people. And by and large, they are one heck of a good group of people.

HH: Warrant Officer Chris, we’ve got about a minute left. Can we win there?

Chris: We can, but it’s going to take some resolve, and we know…like I said from the beginning, we know it’s a dangerous job, but we accept it. There’s going to be deaths. We know that. Everyone in the military, just about, knows someone that’s been killed over there. But it’s a volunteer army. We can do it, we can…it won’t be easy, it won’t be quick. But with support from the American people, we can do it.


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