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Arlen Specter, Unplugged

Friday, June 16, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

At ConfirmThem, Quin has a write-up of a dinner with the Chairman. Don’t miss it.

It is amazing to me that more electeds don’t embrace candor more often. Reserve developed and extreme caution became the rule in the days of MSM ambushes and endless replaying of gaffes, but the new media balances out the risk and provides a great deal of reward to those who simply answer the questions, at length, and who do so aware that they might ruffle some feathers or get a fact wrong or mangle a sentence.

Candor has a lot going for it in the media environemnt of today. The first Democratic presidential candidate who decides to box with the conservative talkers, for example, will score a lot of points with both sides of the aisle.

Now if we can only get the Chairman to come on the air…

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