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The Arizona Governor’s Race: Doug Ducey Should Be The GOP’s Nominee

Sunday, March 30, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New York Times covers the Arizona governor’s race today, and focus on the key state race will almost certainly continue because the next governor will not only oversee a solidly GOP legislature he or she will also lead crucial 2016 efforts in the state as well as (assuming re-election) the re-desiricting reform that will finally bring deep red Arizona the Congressional map it deserves just as deep blue Massachusetts has the map it deserves.

I have endorsed State Treasurer Doug Ducey in the race and will hold a small fundraiser for him in April.  He is a conservative, a successful businessman, and has run and won state-wide in 2010 and led state’s anti-tax hike forces two years later in the defeat of a state wide initiative pushing a billion-dollar tax hike.  Ducey has the additional advantage of having been born in Ohio which of course matters greatly even though he has spent his entire adult like in Arizona.

You can volunteer to help Ducey’s race here, or contribute online here.  If you live in southern California and would like to attend and contribute to the April fundraiser, send me a note at and I will get back to you with the details on the event.

Democrats talk wistfully about flipping Arizona from red to blue even as Republicans say the same about Colorado.  These two states, along with Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada and of course Ohio will be the keystones in the 2016 map, and every senate and governors’ race in each of them matters greatly.  While the national media is focused this weekend on the “Adelson primary,” the Times has sent a signal on which one really matters to the left.  Here’s why:  If the Democrats force a lousy nominee on the GOP in Arizona, they can sneak the state away as they did with Janet Napolitano in 2002 with 46% of the vote.  Expect the Times and every other left-wing megaphone to try and pump up anyone but Ducey who simply could not be beaten by a Democrat.

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