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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on President Obama: “I think he’s going to be a one-term president, and I think he’ll go down in history as one of the worst that we’ve ever had in America.”

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Here’s the transcript of my interview from Wednesday’s show with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer:

HH: I am joined now by the Governor of Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer. Welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show, Governor.

JB: Hi, Hugh, it’s great to be with you.

HH: You’ve got a bit election next week. You are sweeping to an overwhelming nomination as the Republican nominee for governor in election there, and you have got a sizeable lead in the polls. What do you attribute this momentum to?

JB: Well, I would like to believe that it was from good leadership (laughing).

HH: Well, what’s the issue that’s defining the race with Goddard, though, when you head into the fall?

JB: Well, I think that the race is going to be based on the economy, jobs and immigration. We want our borders secured.

HH: You know, I’m tempted in the interest of time, Governor, to ask you whether or not we can build a mosque at the border and have same sex marriages in it.

JB: (laughing) No way. Not in Arizona.

HH: All right. So let’s start with the border. I had lunch with your colleague, Rick Perry, about ten days ago, and he wanted the President to sit down with him when the President went to Texas, and get some first-hand knowledge. Has the President ever picked up the phone to call you and ask you what your ideas are on securing the border?

JB: No, absolutely not. And of course, he hasn’t ever been here to visit our borders. You know, I really do believe that if he took the time to come out here and go with me down to the border, he would see the situation that Arizonans are facing on a daily basis. He has just resisted and pushed back. And it’s very frustrating to myself and to the people of Arizona. [# More #]

HH: You know, I have been over in your state a couple of times campaigning for people like Paul Gosar and other great friends over there. They tell me that 1070 is supported by upwards of three out of four people in Arizona. You agree with that assessment?

JB: I do agree with that. Absolutely. I just came back off the campaign trail a couple of days ago for two days, and overwhelmingly, I mean, it was unbelievable the excitement, the turnout of people that showed up that had never been involved in political activism, or showing up at a rally or anything like that. They showed up, because they understand what’s happening to our state. They understand what’s happening to our country. And they are looking for leadership. They are looking for people to do what’s right for our country, based on what our country was built on.

HH: Now Jan Brewer, two weeks ago, the voters of Missouri voted almost three out of four against Obamacare. Do you expect the same kind of polling in Arizona on that issue?

JB: Oh, I do. Absolutely. Absolutely. That is, without a doubt, that this is going to be a sea change in regards to what we’ve been hearing out of Washington, D.C. The people are fed up with Washington, they’re fed up with what the federal government’s trying to do, and we’re fed up with picking up the tab.

HH: Now Governor Brewer, in terms of the mosque issue, what’s your reaction to the proposal to build a mosque at the Ground Zero area?

JB: Oh, Hugh, you know, I think that was just simply outrageous. I think, you know, it is a sad day when anybody would do something, and attempt to do something like what they’re trying to do there in regards to just pushing this right back in the people’s faces about what took place there. They can build that mosque someplace else, you know, out of respect for these people, and particularly those that lost loved ones there. And they’re still grieving. America’s still grieving. Why would anybody, any group, any person, want to inflict that kind of wound on the citizens of America, particularly those of New York? It’s wrong.

HH: I am quite certain in Arizona you’ve got a very large Muslim community of great Muslim-Americans.

JB: I do.

HH: And this has got nothing to do with being bigoted. But I just heard it again on CNN less than an hour ago – people who oppose the mosque are hatemongers. What do you respond to those people?

JB: Well, you know, I am sick and tired of those people that keep using those type of words, and that race-baiting, and bigotry. You know, we are not. We are not. We are Americans. And we care about people. But you know, we respect, or we expect a little respect from the other side also. And for people to continually push that out over the airwaves is so horrible, horrible. It’s disrespectful to everybody. And you know what? They don’t have good ground to stand on, so they just go back to those little nasty words.

HH: Now are you surprised at how completely sudden has been the collapse in the President’s support on any number of issues, Jan Brewer?

JB: You know, given his promotion of his ideas, and which area he wants to lead this country, I’m not surprised. The people of America are not stupid. The people of America are smart. They understand what it takes to have a great country. And unfortunately, I believe this administration has failed us miserably. First of all, when he started off, he told us what he was going to do, and people thought, or at least some people thought that would be good. And then he gets into office, and he doesn’t even deliver what he told them that he was going to do, and then he does things that he didn’t tell us he was going to do that were even worse. And people are fed up. I think he’s going to be a one-term president, and I think he’ll go down in history as one of the worst that we’ve ever had in America.

HH: You’re agreeing with Ben Quayle there. I want to talk one issue with you quickly, Governor Brewer. When I was in Arizona last week, I met with some of the heads of Great Hearts Arizona, the charter school management organization, I’m amazed. I didn’t realize charter schools were doing what they were doing in Arizona, and flourishing there. Is that part of the second term of Jan Brewer, to keep that movement going?

JB: This has been part of Jan Brewer since she’s been an elected official. I am such a big supporter of charter schools, giving parents the opportunity to have choice. And they have…you know, we have led the country in charter schools, and the academic performance that you see coming out of these schools are very, very high. You know, absolutely. We’re going to keep pursuing it, and making it available to the people of Arizona.

HH: Now a practical question. is your website. Obviously, the public employee unions, the left is going to come after you. How much money do you have to raise to withstand the onslaught headed your way?

JB: Well you know, we have clean elections in Arizona, so I will get about $1.1 million dollars. And then I’m just hoping that people will participate in independent expenditures to get my message out there. So I’m just counting on the public, and people to do what they can on an independent basis.

HH: Well Jan Brewer, we’ll keep talking to you between now and November 2nd. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year in Arizona for the Republican Party. Thanks for joining us, Governor.

JB: Thank you, Hugh.


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