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Are You Serious About Beating Obama?

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Protein Wisdom is one of the must-read center-right blogs, and its founder Jeff Goldstein one of the funniest of the blogosphere’s voices.

He’s also ticked off with me for suggesting that the RNC boot the “can’t wins” from the stage of future debates.

“Here’s an idea, Hugh,” Jeff posted yesterday. “[H]ow about you let the market – in this case, GOP and independent voters, along with those voters horrified by what Obama has done since taking office – decide who they want to represent them. You know. Like, as if you actually believed in such a thing.”

I don’t believe in a market selecting nominees –political parties ought to do that. And I certainly don’t believe in independent voters selecting Republican nominees, and given that the independents of New Hampshire gave us Senator McCain in 2008, I think the case why we don’t want that is pretty clear.

Nominations are bestowed by parties operating under rules and governed by committees, and parties that want to win important elections don’t waste time and money and especially argument space on marginal candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, Alan Keyes or Dennis Kucinich or Tom Tancredo. That which gets rewarded gets repeated, and by rewarding two-percenters (those who score there or lower in national opinion polls) or extreme ideologues like Paul, we encourage more and more each year. They bring nothing to the stage except diversions of attention and false divisions exploited by a hostile media.

There is an uphill political battle to be won, a crucial, incredibly important battle. The GOP should not have to strap a bunch of can’t-wins on the party’s back as it climbs that hill for the benefit of the MSM or the very small number of enthusiasts who urge that the market decide what the market has already decided –that their guy cannot win.

So, Jeff, what is the rule for limiting access to the stage? There has to be a “barrier to entry” or is it come one, come all? Yeah, that’ll beat the president.



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