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If Apple Can Innovate, Why Can’t Federal Government?

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Not since 2005-6 –the years of Katrina and a Democratic filibuster of Social Security reform at home and the successful “Surge” in Iraq– has the GOP controlled all branches of government.  How has the federal government innovated since Nancy Pelosi and Hary Reid took over the Congress back then?

The Democrats only held all three branches for two years in 2009 and 2010 when President Obama joined Reid and Pelosi, and brought us the “Stimulus, Dodd-Frank and, of course, “Obamacare.”

Deadlock has been preferable to more Democratic innovation, but as Tim Cook unveils Apple’s new product line today, ask yourself which party is better positioned to bring genuinine innovation to defense, education and energy development?  Then vote (and contribute in these key 15 races) this fall accordingly.  To get the government on the road to beginning to catch up to the private sector, Harry Reid has to be ousted.  2014 truly is the Reid Referendum.  Any vote for any Democrat is a vote for the continuation of his ruinous, almost unbalanced reign as Majority Ruler of the Senate.

Wasting time with Reid in charge of the Senate while the world melts down and the government atrophies is beyond belief.  Hopefully every GOP candidate is linking their opponent not just to the president but to the architect of paralysis on the Hill –Harry Reid, the anti-Cook.


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