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Applause For “Our Sunday Visitor”

Thursday, August 4, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The tidal wave of information flows from the internet can overwhelm even young, tech-savvy users and of course the less tech savvy the quicker the drowning.

So when an old, old media brand like the Roman Catholic “Our Sunday Visitor” puts out a comprehensive guide to the internet and updates it annually, it shows the way for almost any organization that cares about its members/readers/new users.

Every denomination or opinion leader –John Piper?– ought to be publishing their own guides, and make them as user-friendly and as humble as this one. No snark, no knowing sense of techie supremacy. Just the help.

BTW: Second round of applause for OSV noting my pal Anthony Lilles’ Beginning to Pray blog, a wonderful and very different blog.

Next year I hope they add “What Does The Prayer Really Says” by Father Z.

And I hope my colleague and friend Dr. Al Mohler puts his team to work at SBTS at producing the Protestant version of the OSV’s effort.

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