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Apollo Creed Wants a Rematch

Tuesday, May 30, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A few years back, on a visit to the Minnesota State Fair in discharge of my duties as the state’s Commissioner of Hockey and Master of the Horse (appointed to both posts by Governor Pawlenty), I accepted an invitation from the Fraters gang to assemble a trivia team and meet in four-on-four competition (along with a dozen other teams) as is their regular habit on Tuesday evenings at Keegan’s Pub.

So I enlisted Lileks, his friend Swede the Giant Uke, and Michael Medved to take on the home team, and sure enough, the fix was in, and we could only achieve a tie. Fraters announced then that there would be no rematch.

Now arrives this e-mail:

Hi Hugh-

Any chance of a trvia rematch when you’re in town for the State Fair? Or some other sort of NARN event? A Scotch and cigar evening at Keegan’s perhaps?

We’re going to be broadcasting live from the Minnesota GOP convention this Thursday and Friday night. Would you like us to call in to your show with updates? If so, when?

Rest up.



As the president wouldn’t say: Bring it on. This time we add Duane and drop the Lileks’ posse. (Not that we don’t like their taste in drink.)

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