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Another Turn-Around

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David Warren writes for the Ottawa Citizen. Last week he was blasting away at Miers. This week he had changed his mind:

But for now, President Bush’s apparently weak argument, “Trust me,” isbeginning to look much sounder. Perhaps the great Texas jurisprude, LinoGraglia, put this best, in an interview with Hugh Hewitt. To paraphrase: theSupremes are in the habit of arrogating to themselves decisions that shouldreally be made by the people (on everything from abortion, pornography, andschool prayer, to all-male military academies in the State of Virginia).Power naturally flows to their heads. Yet the Constitution had nothing tosay about such things, and explicitly left what it had nothing to say about,to the people. It is this trust in the people that has made America thebeacon she is.

And Harriet Miers may be exactly the sort of real-world type who can
understand that. And George Bush, from knowing her well over a long time, is
in a good position to know she knows. She doesn’t need bells, whistles, and
law degrees from Harvard and Yale. It might even be helpful not to have

Warren began his piece with this confession:

In the week since [his initial announcement of opposition], much dust has settled, and it has become clear that Ms
Miers is acceptable to the broad rightwing Republican constituency, and to
not a few Democrats. She is despised, chiefly, by the rightwing
intellectuals (people like me), who were heartbroken that Mr Bush would pass
over the long list of brilliant, strict-constructionist legal scholars that
have arisen in response to the challenge presented by two generations of
often deconstructionist rulings by the same Supreme Court.


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