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Another Reason For The House GOP To Vote Against “The

Tuesday, December 14, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Harry Reid has just given all the House Republicans another reason to vote against “the deal.” The Senate Majority Leader unveiled a massive pork bill, laden with 1.1 trillion in spending and all sorts of additional giveaways, and some Republican senators are thinking about supporting it! (Bennett of Utah, Bond of Missouri, Voinovich of Ohio and Collins of Maine.)

The House and Senate GOP have to gum up the entire works until the Senate Democrats agree to stop the bum’s rush of bad legislation. Where are the conservative Bernie Sanders? The public also has to use the time to let the 23 Democrats on the ballot in 2012 know that a vote for lame duck spending won’t be forgotten over the next two years.

I wish the Senate GOP would have seen this coming when they quickly agreed to the absurd deal that has become a Christmas Tree of special interest giveaways.


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