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Another GOP Leader Who Doesn’t Get It

Wednesday, February 14, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Congressman Tom Cole is a very smart and able guy from Oklahoma, who is now the chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He was my guest in the first hour and I will replay the interview in the second and third hours.  The NRCC he leads doesn’t want to recruit specific candidates with experience in the war if that means taking sides in a primary.  He also is candid that the NRCC will be supporting the GOP Congressmen in tough races, even if they vote with the Democrats on the resolution that will, in Cole’s own words, embolden the enemy and deplete the morale of the troops. 

The NRCC will undoubtedly see support dwindle as a result of the refusal of leadership to condemn the round-heeled Republicans.

If the NRCC took a different approach –identifying and announcing their support for new faces with crucial experience in war and solid victory candidates– those candidates would raise enormous money and grassroot support overnight.

But it doesn’t sound like the NRCC understands the passion in the grassroots that will strongly support victory candidates and those who recruit and support them.

The Victory Caucus has listed the contact information for Congressman Cole.  Please message him about the absolute need for a victory agenda and victory candidates.  Please also take the time to contact those Republicans the Caucus learns are on the fence.

And register to join the Caucus.

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