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Another Entry in the Howard Dean’s Greatest Hits File

Tuesday, December 6, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Howard Dean again proves the wisdom of Iowa voters. Michelle Malkin has a great round up of links, and Vodkapundit tipped me to Resurrection Song’s excellent analysis of the screamer’s most recent rant.

Now, will the Sunday shows please book Slow Joe Biden or Hillary or any big name Democrat and play the tapes and ask for specific responses. Dean’s not just an unemployed ex-governor of a tiny, bizarre state with a history of uncontrollable utterances, he’s the Chairman of the DNC. What do Democrats think of him? (Photo of Dean’s World)

To my knowledge, RNC Chair Ken Mehlman has never generated a headline he wasn’t intending to spark. Dean, by contrast, intends nothing and is buried in gaffes that would be humorous were they no so authentically from the soul of his party’s activist base.

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